Friday, May 15, 2009

Wheels, Wings & Waves: A Lego World of Transportation

Today the "Wheels, Wings & Waves: A Lego World of Transportation" exhibition of Lego at the Saskatchewan Science Centre with Canada's only Lego Certified Professional builder, Robin Sather there to begin building an 8 foot Lego space shuttle. Dad took me and my friend Rowan. We got to build some of it. Here is a video of us being instructed by Robin Sather on how to loosen up for Lego building:

I met Collette Parks, the manager of marketing from the Science Centre (pictured below); she saw my blog and liked it.

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Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

It was so nice to meet you last weekend! And thanks for putting a photo of me on your blog--I'm so flattered! That video of you with Robin is pretty awesome too. Glad you had fun.

Stay curious,